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Porto seen by Alexander Limarev

Porto seen by Alexander Limarev


ALEXANDER Limarev was born in Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city, and the capital of Siberia. He is an artist and visual poet, photographer and curator. On the influence of the place on the artistic creation, makes the words of the Marquis de Custine when he said that Russia is the prison of the peoples, whose key is kept by the Emperor. This explains that he has not yet visited Porto, which associates with the historic area, the Arrábida bridge and the Atlantic Ocean.

By Paulo Moreira Lopes

1 – Date and place of birth (city and country)?

06/04/1964 – Novosibirsk – USSR

2 –  Up to the present day in which cities you lived permanently?


3 – Academic qualifications?


4 – Professional activity?

Artist, mail artist, visual poet, photographer, curator, freelancer.

5 – The place where you born and live influenced your artistic life? If so, why?

It definitely did: “Russia is the prison of the peoples, the key from which is kept by the Emperor” (here I refer to the book “Russia in 1839” by marquise of Astolph de Custine).

6 – When you think in Porto (Portugal) remember immediately what?

Porto city center. Arrabid Bridge. Atlantic Ocean.

7 – Have you ever visited Porto? If so, why and what do you think of the city?

No, I haven’t. Why? See point 5.

8 – Your address in the web/blogosphere to follow you?

Mail art by Alexander Limarev


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