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The autobiography of Piroska Horvath

The autobiography of Piroska Horvath


I WAS born in Romania in a beautiful village, which is famous for its cherry. After my university studies, I taught biology, chemistry and psychology in Bistrita. Together with my husband we were an important part of the cultural life of the city: acting, writing and reading meetings, exhibitions, field trips, and several organizations. I have lived in Austria (Ried im Innkreis) for 30 years, now I am retired.

I am self-taught and I enjoy the Mail Art movement. Every call is a challenge for me, and I start to think how the topic could be realized. I’m scared first. I definitely feel that. Interestingly, I get the idea in the morning after waking up and then start to realize it with joy. It may be that my thoughts deal with the subject during the night.

It’s a pleasure to send my art by mail, but it’s even more fun to receive feedback. (Unfortunately, this is not always the case – what is depressing.) I started painting 14 years ago. Until then, I did not think that such a talent could be in me.

Painting is a therapy for me. Color therapy. I feel that categorically.
I love nature, admire it, but I do not copy it. Everything that comes out of my hand comes from within. Out of me.

I paint a lot and have the feeling that I still have a lot in myself.
I work with Acryl because it is odorless, dries quickly, I also use pencils if necessary for highlights or corrections.

I’m also into literature (working on my autobiographical novel), but painting is at the main site. I start and end the day with it. I like to experiment, I am always looking for new ones, – as a result I have different series. The richest series is probably The Flower.

I scan all my pictures and keep them in my computer. It’s lucky, because I like to give my pictures to others, to make them happy. Now I can say that I dissipate them all over the world.

Meanwhile, I travel a lot, thanks to my passport and my two children, I have gone halfway across the world, but unfortunately I was not in Portugal and Brazil yet. Next to come? I dont know. We will see.

My river by  Piroska Horváth for II Call Mail Art by Correio do Porto: My river



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