HELLO Paulo!
By the way… a miracle has happend. Here in Pälkäne we had last year 2019  a celebration year of the ABC-book which was made here 300 years ago by a local bookbinder Daniel Medelplan. For this celebration I worked with my artist friend Susanne Müller-Baji from Germany and we made a series of co-operative artworks on all Finnish alphabets with sentences and illustrations. I wrote the sentences and Susanne did the illustrations. It was easy to deal works because Susanne cannot speak Finnish, but pictures are international. Our art exhibition opened in July and then it travelled around the municipality of Pälkäne  and was shown in the schools. And then a miracle happened. A visitor came to the library and said that she wants this art work to be a printed book and she is paying for all the costs. Our book “Medelplanin matkassa” was officially published on 3.12 and the original art work is now permanently on the wall in the reading room of our main library. The income through the book is given for charity and becomes a part of the protection work of St. Michael´s historical church ruin here in Pälkäne.
You never know what happens in life!
I wish to you all the best and a Happy New Year 2020!
Best regards
anja mt


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