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Porto visto por Lars Schumacher

Porto visto por Lars Schumacher


LARS Schumacher é realizador de cinema e fotógrafo alemão. Nasceu em Burgwedel e vive hoje em Burgdof, Hannover, Baixa Saxónia. A queda do muro de Berlim, facto histórico vivido pelos alemães de modo muito intenso, serviu de tema para os seus primeiros trabalhos de comunicação visual. A primeira vez que visitou Portugal esteve em Peniche onde pôde apreciar o oceano Atlântico. Conhece o Porto e não esquece a chegada de comboio sobre a ponte Maria Pia: inesquecível. Quando ouve fado lembra-se dos tempos que passou por cá. Confessa que gostaria de voltar novamente.

Por Paulo Moreira Lopes

1 – Date and place of birth (city and country)?

15.03.1971 Burgwedel, Germany.

2 –  Up to the present day in which cities you lived permanently?

Hannover / Burgdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany.

3 – Academic qualifications?

Akademie Remscheid, Germany 2001-2004 Diplom [Public Relations / Photographic]
Municipal University for administration in Lower Saxony [HSVN], Germany 2005-2008 [Diplom]

4 – Professional activity?

Film – Photographic – Social sculpture

5 – The place where you born and live influenced your artistic life? If so, why?

Lars Schumacher is working in the field of visual communication. As a means of artistic expression created short experimental films and photographs. With a documentary about the opening of the inner-German border and a film study of young people in his hometown Hannover already in 1989 he launched the free film work. The excellent film – trilogy “Speed, Spinning Head and Route 66” is created from 1991 to 1992 in collaboration with Leif Schumacher. These and other films will be presented in the 1990’s at TV stations and international Filmfestivals. Since then, there is a commitment to a television format. He is involved since 1996 in the local television ministry in Lower Saxony for the projects OKOK TELEVISION and h1 – Television from Hannover. The artistic possibilities of photography have a strong influence on the film work. Since 2009, the independent photographic and artistic projects are more concentrate to art-exhibitions worldwide.

6 – When you think in Oporto (Portugal) remember immediately what?

Thoughts of Portugal are connected to thoughts of love. I was a teenager and my girlfriend went with a tour group in Portugal vacation. By train and hitchhiking, I drove in my first vacation from Hannover to Peniche to discover with her Portugal. The Atlantic, white wide beaches with caves and everywhere friendly and open-minded people in the cities of Lisbon and Porto. In many small towns turned the evening atmosphere with music, marches and people in the streets to a special experience. What remains is a sense of longing and desire of reunion.

Today , several years later , I have traveled the country several times and have friends here. A film of mine was shown at the Film Festival at Figueira da Foz.

7 – Have you ever visited Oporto? If so, why and what do you think of the city?

By train I reached the city of Porto for the first time; the view from the Maria Pia bridge over the Douro between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia remained unforgotten. The old town offers great views, but the houses and flair near the Douro I especially like. My last visit to the city was the occasion of a Depeche Mode concert, fans from all over Europe traveled to the city, discovering the culture and the melancholy music Porto’s and Portugal. I hear Fado today I think back to the time in Porto. I would stay here again…

8 – Your address in the web/blogosphere to follow you?



Love by Lars Schumacher for I Convocatória Arte Postal Correio do Porto: A minha rua.



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