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Porto seen by Uwe Höfig

Porto seen by Uwe Höfig


UWE Höfig vive em Erfurt, Alemanha, desde que nasceu. Além da fotografia também se dedica à arte postal. Todos os lugares por onde passou influenciaram a sua vida artística. De Portugal só conhece o Algarve. Quanto ao Porto, diz que é uma cidade interessante para qualquer fotógrafo.

Por Paulo Moreira Lopes

1 – Date and place of birth (city and country)?

I was born in 1954 in Erfurt / Germany.
Erfurt has about 200 thousand inhabitants.

2 – Up to the present day in which cities you lived permanently?

I live in Erfurt permanently since my birth.

3 – Academic qualifications?

I studied in Erfurt and later worked in different places as a teacher.
At that time I started photography.

4 – Professional activity?

Today I am retired, but I work as a photographer and mail art artist.

5 – The place where you born and live influenced your artistic life? If so, why?

Every place I’ve been at sometime has influenced my artistic life.

6 – When you think in Porto (Portugal) remember immediately what?

I am thinking of a trip to the Algarve, to very nice places and good food.

7 – Have you ever visited Porto? If so, why and what do you think of the city?

I have not been to Porto yet. I only saw pictures. I think it is a beautiful city by the sea. Interesting for every photographers.

8 – Your address in the web/blogosphere to follow you?

I do not have a web-page and I am not on facebook.

Mail art by Uwe Höfig



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